“Agriburbia” sprouts on Colorado’s Front Range

October 31, 2009

Denver Post – by Jason Blevins

Today, Milliken’s 618-acre Platte River Village is ready for construction, with 944 planned homes surrounded by 108 acres of backyard farms and 152 acres of drip- irrigated community farms. The plan is for the farms to feed local residents and supply restaurants while paying for community upkeep. And Redmond, a 47-year-old planner-farmer, has 13 other Front Range projects mulling his “agriburbia” concept. Read more

Quillen: The politics of storage

October 31, 2009

Denver Post Opinion

Granted, it’s early to be paying much heed to next year’s gubernatorial campaign, but there are already candidates out stumping. Among them is Josh Penry, a Republican state senator from Grand Junction.

Last summer, he told the Colorado Water Congress that our “water inheritance is running out,” and we need to “embark on a new round” of building reservoirs.

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Water-demanding farms looked at as resources vanish

October 31, 2009

From the Arizona Republic – by Shaun McKinnon

In Arizona, the crops yield about 1 percent of the state’s annual economic output, yet the fields soak up 70 percent of the water supply. That outsize allotment has painted a target on the farms as urban water managers search for the next bucket of water to meet future demands.

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CWCB: Montrose County instream flow water rights public meeting

October 31, 2009

From: Coyote Gulch

The following stream segments in Montrose County are being considered for instream flow protection at this time: North Fork Tabeguache Creek, Red Canyon Creek, San Miguel River, and Tabeguache Creek.

Additional streams that are being considered for appropriation in 2010 in Water Division 4 include: Alpine Gulch, Big Dominguez Creek, Blue Creek (Increase), Cebolla Creek, Cochetopa Creek, East Beaver Creek, Little Dominguez Creek, Spring Creek, and Willow Creek.

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