Group continues scientific monitoring of West Creek

August 23, 2010

By Dave Buchanan
Grand Junction Sentinel

The brushy creek harbors a healthy population of wild brown trout, which are gifted with the ability to survive the warm water temperatures of summer and early fall.

All that brush makes West Creek challenging to fish, which is why you don’t see a whole lot of cars parked along the road.

What you might see, once or twice a year, are members of the Grand Valley Anglers Chapter of Trout Unlimited continuing a creek-monitoring project begun 13 years ago.

Slamming carp for trout

August 23, 2010

By Karl Licis
Special to The Denver Post

“What seems improbable today — fishing for trout downtown — someday could become a normal thing,” said Todd Fehr, president of the Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited, who was among the prime movers in establishing the tournament as a chapter project.

The chapter hopes to partner with the appropriate government agencies and other entities for habitat-improvement projects along the river that would make it a better trout fishery while providing new opportunities for fishing in an urban setting.

Cristo’s Over The River – Love it or Hate it?

August 18, 2010

There has been much discussion around Cristo’s Over The River project that is currently in scoping.  Here is your opportunity to comment to CTU, and let us know how you feel about this.

CTU is currently compiling comments and recommendations based on a number of points, both specific to the actual impacts of the project, to the emotional feelings from our members.

I want to hear your voice on this project.  You are what make CTU tick – let us know where you land on this very visible and controversial project.


The 4th Annual South Platte Pro Am Carp Slam, Sponsored by Wells Fargo, World Fishing Network, RIO Fishing Products and Trout’s Fly Fishing

August 16, 2010

When: Saturday, August 21st and 22nd, 2010

Where: Fuel Café in Denver, Colorado

Please join Denver Trout Unlimited as they host the 4th Annual Carp Slam on the banks of the South Platte River in Downtown Denver. This is your chance to become Colorado’s premier Carp Fisherman while supporting TU’s river conservation efforts. The Grand Prize for winning the “open” format is $1,500.  All proceeds go toward restoration projects taking place on the metro section of the South Platte River.

In addition, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will speak to participants during lunch about the city’s promotion and involvement in River South and River North, the key initiatives that are helping to restore and enhance the S. Platte River for a variety of recreation uses, including fishing!

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

In addition to Wells Fargo as the lead sponsor for the event, this year’s sponsors include World Fishing Network, Trout’s Fly Fishing, Rio Fishing Products, Umpqua, Ross Fly Rods and Reels, Temple Fork Outfitters,,, Orvis Cherry Creek, Hardy and Greys,, Charlie’s Fly Box, Colorado Skies Outfitters, Tonto Hair, Willie Stewart,,, Fuel Café and Wynkoop Brewing Co.

Thanks to this year’s sponsors, Day 1 amateur participants will each receive a gift of a pair of Oakley sunglasses (valued at over $150), Rio fly line and leaders (valued at $85), a commemorative Carp Slam T-shirt and numerous other items as a thank you for participating in the event.

Registration Info

You must register ahead of time for the event. To register for the event, or find out additional information,
please visit or call 720-24TROUT for tickets.

Carp slam poster Final 8-3-10 v2

Willoughby: Healthy upper Colorado isn’t sure thing anymore

August 10, 2010

By Scott Willoughby
The Denver Post

“We can’t continue to take and take water from the upper Colorado without accounting for the serious impacts to fish and wildlife habitat,” said Ken Neubecker of Colorado Trout Unlimited. “This is a river on the brink. A vibrant, healthy river system in the upper Colorado is every bit as important to the future of Colorado as the water it supplies to our farms and cities.”

Estimates place as much as 60 percent of the upper Colorado already being diverted from the drainage and the proposed Windy Gap Firming Project could take another 20 percent of a river struggling to survive. The proposed Moffat Firming Project, seeking federal approval at the same time, will further reduce flows in the upper Colorado.

Carson Lake’s lure

August 10, 2010
Grand Junction Sentinel
By Bill Haggerty

Carson Lake has long held a soft spot in my heart. Maybe it’s because Carson is a lovely, pristine mountain lake. Or maybe it’s because Carson Lake is so close to town, I can beat the heat in about an hour and a half.

Maybe it’s because one of the finest short drives in the West, the Lands End Road, takes you right up to Carson Lake. (Lands End is a spur of Grand Mesa National Scenic Byway!)

Most likely, however, it’s because I can catch lots of wild, fat brook trout there.

The road is in good shape, and the trek around the lake is an easy hike, except for the bog near the inlet (wear appropriate foot gear!). It’s also a spotless recreation area and we can thank the local Grand Valley Anglers chapter of Trout Unlimited for adopting this lake and keeping it so clear of litter.

Save our waters

August 9, 2010

By Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi News

The Grand County chapter of Trout Unlimited has forwarded a petition to Moffat Firming project stakeholders, signed by Grand County residents and visitors, reiterating the need for protection of the area’s rivers.

With the comment period on the water firming project long over, and as citizens await the ruling on the proposed increased diversions by Denver Water and the Northern Water Conservancy District, Trout Unlimited’s Colorado River Headwaters Chapter President Kirk Klancke said the reason for the petition was to “just keep things simmering.”

In just over a week, as many as 429 people signed a petition urging sound use of headwaters resources in Grand County. Signatures had been gathered on three separate occasions, during a Trout Unlimited event at the Crooked Creek Saloon, at the Trout Unlimited Annual Banquet and at Winter Park’s Art Affair, where Trout Unlimited hosted a booth.

“It was to let the people who are governing this process understand how much this means to the people of Grand County,” Klancke said.