About the CTU NewsBlog

This site is intended to aid in the communications within the Colorado Trout Unlimited community, and is intended to serve as a centralized location for news and information between National Trout Unlimited, Colorado Trout Unlimited, and local chapters of Colorado Trout Unlimited. Contributions of news and updates are welcomed.

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One Response to About the CTU NewsBlog

  1. Jim Klug says:

    As TU members we should be concerned about the well being of other wildlife in addition to Trout. My feeling is that if the impact is moderate to significant to any of the species living in the project area, TU should be concerned enough to oppose the project. We, TU, provide hundreds if not thousands of volunteer man hours trying to preserve, protect and restore wildlife habitat through our various willow plantings, weed eliminations and stream clean ups. Why not stand by preservation and stop this project before we have to go in and restore the the habitat to its pre project state????? Let’s not stand by and watch 28 months of habitat destruction. Two weeks of so called art and ancillary perceived local financial benefit is not justified.”

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